Video Testing and Engagement Platform Online. On the go. On target.

What consumers think, how they feel - and why. In the moment.

If you want to connect with people you have to understand what makes them tick. No news there. But there is debate on how to go about it. We say, ask them. Today's consumer, after all - whether audience member, product or service user, student, constituent - has a voice and expects to be heard. Marketers, media companies and organizations are paying attention. And they're looking for insights they can have confidence in.

We believe that the key to getting reliable feedback is having the right tools. That is precisely what the ResponseSync toolkit was designed for.

ResponseSync collects and correlates quantitative and qualitative responses as people view content online, integrates them with their answers to other questions and generates a complete picture of behavior and motivation. Measuring simultaneously with viewing avoids the memory issues of post-viewing recall. Gathering all information from all respondents yields a breadth and depth of data without additional testing, modeling or sample matching. And synchronizing behavior, sentiment and video time produces detailed and precise information. This integrated platform is a reliable instrument for gaining insights that can help predict behavior, minimize risk and improve outcomes.