You put a lot into your video. We can help you get more out of it.

Whether you want to test advertising or entertainment before launching; evaluate comprehension and perception of informational material; collaborate on a corporate video; enable remote participation in streamed events; analyze and report on hours of focus groups orů our software helps you work smarter.


Enhanced deliverables. Actionable reports. Sooner. Our collaborative annotation software streams video, allows users to view and add notes remotely, annotate files on demand and produce video enhanced reports quickly and easily. The secure management system controls access to live and archived files.

>> See a demo of [n]LITEN in use at CBS Television City, Las Vegas.
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The online video testing platform for the multi screen media world. It engages viewers and measures qualitative and quantitative response simultaneous with viewing. So you can really tune in to your audience, learn what moves them - and why - refine your message and improve outcomes.

>> See a demo of ResponseSync.
>> Ask us for a real time demo.

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