Getting relevant content to people that want it and helping them make better use of it. That's what drives us at Chilmark Programs. It's the legacy of producing television that mattered to us and the audiences for whom we created it.

The growing importance of video in education, training and lifelong learning, powered by the ubiquity of streaming, will continue to transform learning, invigorate research and stimulate discovery in diverse markets and communities. It's a great opportunity for learners and publishers.

We are pleased to offer the series "The Directors" for streaming and cable. "The Directors" shines the spotlight on 91 of Hollywood's finest directors, from Robert Altman to Edward Zwick, in 91 one-hour episodes, each focused on a single director.

The award winning series shows what it takes to be a director. An inspiration for aspiring professionals. A delight for movie lovers. And a peek behind the screen to see how the magic is made.

Produced by Media Entertainment Inc. in cooperation with the prestigious American Film Institute, it is offered by Chilmark Programs Inc. as 91 one-hour episodes.