The Chilmark Companies are dedicated to making video, audio and multi-media content more valuable for content creators, owners, publishers and users.


It began with Chilmark Programs in 1997 as a television production company driven to create, produce and distribute programs that engaged viewers. As we expanded to interactive media and developed expertise with web-based technologies we became excited by their transformative possibilities and by the opportunity to make a difference. Technology would allow us to connect people and enable the exchange of information, ideas and creative expression in ways beyond imagining only a few years before.

We knew that applying the power of new technologies creatively and productively would take us in new directions and require people with expertise, skills and a way of looking at the world that was different from ours. We knew it would be a major effort. But the prospect of integrating our experience in media, production, and distribution; marketing and business development; and client service was exciting. So we hatched Chilmark Digital as a sibling to Chilmark Programs in order to serve distinctive, emerging market needs most effectively.