Lew Alpert, CEO

As new media formats appear Lew is there, applying his expertise in production, media, research and marketing to push the boundaries. Lew began his career in advertising. After leading research at major agencies for clients like Dr. Pepper, Anheuser-Busch and Gerber, he founded Markets in Focus, the first, and prototypical, local market measurement service. At NBC Lew created and directed a Sales Development department where his strategy of creating videos and commercials for new clients sent ad sales off the charts. It was the impetus for Lew's expansion into production and distribution. He went on to Executive Produce 100's of TV vignettes and network and syndicated programs including "Getting Down to Business". The series was the companies' gateway to interactive media. Lew's vision is the driving force behind Chilmark Digital's technological advances.

Barbara Alpert, President

Barbara cut her marketing and creative teeth in advertising, managing brands like Anheuser Busch, Data General, Clairol and Reader's Digest. There, while others ignored a bunch of educational disks in baggies, she saw the seeds of an educational computer games division, and lobbied for and guided its launch. Barbara left advertising to create and produce informational television, video and ultimately interactive media. As Co-Executive Producer of the TV series "Getting Down to Business" Barbara combined her creative, production and marketing experience. Barbara advised Mindscape on its acquisition by Pearson PLC, the first step in the creation of Pearson's interactive education division. Barbara focuses on the user experience at Chilmark Digital and oversees activities in Chilmark Programs.


A talented team of engineers, developers, designers and support professionals help us realize our vision.