We are renovating!
So we can share major enhancements to ResponseSync™.

Our mobile forward engagement and data capture platform is now [ReSync]™.

Continuing development has elevated Chilmark Digital's ResponseSync to the next level, to ensure that we stay out in front amidst dizzying changes in media. While we refresh our site to reflect important advancements, you can see highlights here.

With our migration to HTML5 video, we have extended the power of our unique system of synced metrics and open-end feedback.

Under Construction

Most important, we are everywhere. [ReSync] now can be accessed on all tablets, i/OS and Android, and on over 90% of smart phones. Those tools also allow us to engage people with, and measure response to, a broader array of content and media environments. That includes placing your content directly into live, active social media streams to learn firsthand how people respond to various advertising and publisher content - and why - on different platforms. And we can extend your engagement at retail and site-specific installations to engage users dynamically on their mobile devices.

[ReSync] authentically represents the digital universe and the way people access media to deliver better consumer experiences and superior, more reliable and actionable data. So clients can gain deeper insights, make more informed decisions and achieve better outcomes.

We are excited to introduce [ReSync] and will share details soon. Meantime... highlights are on the following pages.

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