The Chilmark Companies are dedicated to making video, audio and multi-media content more valuable for content creators, owners, publishers and users.

Chilmark Digital
Develops software platforms that foster engagement with varied forms of digital content, assess its impact on people, and guide decision making. The company creates dynamic applications of its tools to suit client needs as media evolves.

Works with partners and clients to develop and acquire multimedia content and open channels of distribution that deliver rewarding user experiences and add value for owners.

It began with Chilmark Programs in 1997 as a television production company driven to create, produce and distribute programs that engaged viewers. As we expanded to interactive media and developed expertise with web-based technologies we became excited by their transformative possibilities and by the opportunity to make a difference. Technology would allow us to connect people and enable the exchange of information, ideas and creative expression in ways beyond imagining only a few years before. We hatched Chilmark Digital in order to serve distinctive, emerging market needs most effectively. Now, in a world that is mobile as well as digital, we continue to innovate and collaborate to help clients use media and technology in a continuing dynamic to engage people more effectively, deliver new experiences, and assess their impact in order to keep improving and creating.

While we renovate, you can see highlights on the following pages. And we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us with your questions and comments and if you’d like to discuss projects.

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