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“Is this working? What results can I expect? And what do we have to do to get the best outcome?”

The answers lie in what grabs attention, moment-to-moment favorability scores, and in-the-moment motivating factors. The POPs (points of persuasion) that will help you reach your desired end point. The dips that could take you off course. The moments that make people want to act. All coordinated.

We dig below the surface to reveal how the components relate, how they connect to outcomes, and how this varies among participant groups. The comments we elicit from participants about their responses – our unique, time-synced “Why”– often light the way to game changing solutions that otherwise would not come to mind.

All in user-friendly reports and displays that help you reach conclusions, make decisions and take action faster.


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If you don’t get their attention, you lose them. New algorithms applied to our time series data capture every response by each participant. We then map the patterns of attention: active and sustained, negative and positive, intensity of active response, flow and net attentive impressions. By time segments and overall. Because attention is dynamic.


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Does attention produce results? Participants use our intuitive PowerLine Slider ™ to show their opinion of what they see and hear as the media plays. We capture moves every millisecond, to create a well of data points deep enough for reliable analysis of short content. You see all the highs and lows and everything in between.


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The defining moment. WHY! If you don’t know what motivates people you can’t connect with them. That’s why we capture reasons for their responses in the key moments and sync the “what” and the “why” with exactly what they see and hear. That is more than just a road map. It’s a detailed guide with lights.

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It’s about finding patterns
and uncovering what they mean.
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The one you notice

What makes someone stand out in a group? Or not fit in? Do you view them as an outlier or look below the surface? [ReSync] gives you the varied lenses you need to determine the significance of every response from every participant on as fine a basis as you wish. To act on as you see fit.

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Attitudes that presage change

[ReSync] data reveals beacons and flags that are clues to what may be coming. The combination of our scaled response, sentiment and potent new attention metrics can signal attitudes that will influence future behavior and prepare brands better – for better or worse.

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The validation
of repetition

It is reassuring to see things fall into place as hoped. To see a solid strategy executed to perfection. It is just as important to know what you got right as to focus on what can be improved. [ReSync] provides the validation that supports your decision to go with your best.

The dynamics
of diversity

But things can shuffle. New Patterns can emerge to challenge previous assumptions and test strategies. Or point to new pathways. Knowing why people respond as they do and how they express those feelings is the foundation for well informed decisions and effective follow-up.

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