Chilmark Digital
Content Optimization Platform
Diagnostic Feedback to Improve Creative
MAP your message.
Optimize your impact.
Our unified attention metrics, scaled response and sentiment make clear what works and what doesn't. With whom. And why. We're on all browsers and devices, so participants can freely express themselves in the media environment they choose, in comfort. You benefit from higher response rates and more reliable data, free of the influence of group thinking. All with less hassle, more cost effectively.
Everything you need to validate and challenge assumptions, understand your audience and how - and why - your creative connects. Or doesn't. To give you the big picture and the details you need to make sure your message achieves your objectives. Where are your POPs, the points of persuasion that hit home? And the DIPs, those drops in interest and attention that need a closer look? And what moves people to take your invited action?
Our data has been shown to correlate with market performance. You can determine how you'll do with what you've got. And what to do to maximize its value.

Because it starts with creative. And in the end, it's not what you say, it's what they hear.

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